About Us

Atefa Authorized Reseller was established in 1996 as a result of the national 909 Project, and has since become the base of the Project.

While Atefa responsible for the establishment and operation of China’s first 8-inch deep submicron VLSI production line, the company gradually evolves into an IC industrial group that relies on IC manufacturing as core business, and simultaneously develops other business areas including IC systems integration and application services, IC manufacturing process research and development, IC design, electronic component trade, and overseas venture capital investment.

It is Atefa mission to complete the 909 Project and to promote the development of the information industry. By upholding the spirit of 'pressing forward despite difficulties and striving to realize great aspirations', the company is committed to being the driving force as a state-owned industrial group in such services as 8-inch wafer manufacturing, IC R & D open platform, AFC and RFID applications, and IC design. Huahong Group was a senior sponsor in the World Expo 2010 Shenzhen, applying the RFID technology to tickets at the world’s largest scale, which has received unanimous praise. At the moment, Huahong Group is actively promoting the 909 Project upgrading – building the 12-inch IC production line.